DIGYFOODY: Open Buffet Food Label Management System 

DigyFoody is an Open Buffet Food labeling Software and Content solution at EFSA (European Food Safety Food Authority) standards. We have different solutions such as Android, Web, Eink ESL and Print.
Common features used in all our solutions:

  • All Software, App and Database are Cloud-based ( Google Cloud servers), do not need to install any software on serverside.
  • Database growing. Now we have 10.000 food with ingredients, nutrition, allergen information in 8 languages ( English, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Spanis, Arabic, Persian). We can add new language if requested.
  • All solutions are user-friendly and easy.  Your staff will save time, your customers will get accurate information about the dishes.
  • If any your foods not in our Database we will add in EFSA standards.
  • You can create your Daily, Weekly, Monthly breakfast, lunch, dinner program and can do fast or automatic food labeling.


DigyFoody runs on all Android Tablets, can be fitted horizontally or vertically in front of foods. Also, an application includes ingredients, Food Names in 8 different languages, nutritional values, and allergy information. Send data to any Android Tablet or mobile device in DigyFoody Admin Application.

  • Remotely Sleep and Wake Up Options.
  • Daily/Weekly prepared a list of foods can be sent at once to Tablets.

DigyFoody E-Ink ESL


  • You can Color or Mono Laser Printer with A4, A6, A7 paper
  • You can choose from template Food Name in 1-8 different foreign languages
  • You can Show ingredient, nutrition valu and allergen (icon or text)
  • Daily/Weekly prepared list of foods can be quickly printed