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Most experienced E-Menu provider! Customers can make an order through tablet or mobile phone, and besides the waiter can take an order on behalf of the customer via a mobile device. Importantly, the menu is prepared by us.  After selecting the offered menu categories of food&beverage, the menu is available to be used right away.

E-Menu Features:

    • Food, Beverage and Wine Types

    • Sub-Categories ( Soups, Starter.. Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverages..)

    • Advanced Search

    • Country, Brand, Beverage Type Assortment

    • Food&Beverage Images

    • Detailed data about ingredients, allergen, nutritive value, description and ABV (alcohol by volume)

    • Conformed to Turkish Food Legislation and European Food Authority standards

    • 8 different language options

Online Restaurant Tablet Menu

Order Module Features:

  • Customers can order by scanning the QR Code on the provided device through own smartphones or Tablets.

  • An order shows up on waiter’s Android device, so that can be edited by the receiver as well.

  • The order can be taken on the waiter’s device on behalf of the customer.

  • Kitchen and Bar: Food&Beverage orders are displayed separately. When expected order is prepared waiter gets a notification.

  • Billing info view and print options

  • DigyBare calls a waiter and asks for a bill

Waiter app