Contactless QR Code Online Menu and Ordering System

  • We are preparing your Online Menu! By using our Food and Beverage bank, we make your menu ready for use within hours. This feature is only available in DIGYBARES.
  • Your customer can access the Menu, place an order or call a waiter using their own Mobile devices.
    You get rid of the risk of getting infected from Hand to Hand Menus.
  • Extracting and adding Meals or Beverages to the Menu, Changing the price is completed in a few minutes
  • Your waiter can take orders on behalf of the customer with Android Tablet Pc or Mobile phone.

Menu Module Features

  • Food, Beverage and Wine Main Category.
  • Subcategories (Soups, Beginners .. Alcoholic, Non-alcoholic drinks ..).
  • Detailed search, Filtering by Country, Brand, Beverage Type.
  • Adding food pictures. Drink Sample Pictures loaded.
  • Complies with FDA and European Food Authority labeling standards.
  • Ingredients, allergen, nutritional value, descriptions, degree of alcohol information.
  • 15.000 Food&Drinks Data with 8 Languages Translation ( English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Russian).
Restaurant web menu QR code

Order Module Features

  • By reading the Qr code on the table, your customer can see your menu and give orders from his own device or from your Tablet PC.
  • The customer chooses foods and Drinks add in the basket.
  • You can add dimensions such as Glass, Bottle, CL to the beverage order. Sample Wine 75cl bottle, Glass. The selection is made with the measure. Each measure has its own picture.
  • You can add special requests. Example Turkish Coffee, Special request “sugary, plain, medium”. These choices may be mandatory when ordering Turkish coffee.
  • Your customer can make a call with the Waitress Call, Request Bill function.

Waiter Module Features:

  • Your waiter instantly displays orders from the customer on PUSH notification on Android Phone, Tablet or Watch. He can change the order if he wishes.
  • The waiter can enter orders on behalf of the customer with an Android device.
  • Incoming Orders can be sent to the Printer instantly.
  • Incoming Orders can be instantly displayed on the PC.
  • Kitchen and Bar will get Food and Beverage orders separately. As the pending orders are prepared, a “Ready to Service” alert can be sent to the Waiter.
Waiter app

Some Examples of our Customers