Hotel IPTV

 NevoTV is an interactive IPTV software with TV, video streaming and other useful functions which are used in the hospitality and health industries.


Product Features

  • Brand Logo on TVs set up in hospitality or hotel rooms
  • Setting up guest-preferred language and special features
  • The guest name on the welcome screen
  • Full integration with the Property Management System (PMS) or HIS / CIS

Hotel IPTV Solution

  • Direct Messaging via TV
  • Smart Room Functions such as adjusting curtains, lights, A/C and etc.
  • TV Smoke Alarm  (connected with Building Management Systems)
  • Mobile devices integrations (Smart Phones, iOS, and Android tablets)
  • Gift shops on TV with auto-charging
  • View room billing info ( with PMS connection )
  • Staff services through TV menus
  • Multiple properties are supported
  • Multi-language support
  • Alexa Voice Service with Nevo Assist (NEW)

TV Customization

  • Background Picture customization ( with image and video support )
  • Welcome greeting message and image with a video player on the screen
  • Guest name display
  • Interface language settings for guests’ preferred language

TV Options

  • TV Channels IP multicast streaming (dvb-c, dvb-t and analog channels are supported)
  • TV Channels listed in categories
  • Customized TV channel lists for different room and profile
  • Sorting the channel list by using language and/or usage rating
  • Favorite TV Channels list support
  • Audio language and subtitle options
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Hospitality Services on TV

  • Bill View
  • Wake-Up
  • DND and MUR
  • Room Ordering Services
  • Quick Check-Out

TV Messaging System

  • Hotel admin profile can send a text message to a room, group, or all guests
  • Delivering promotional message
  • Reading/Deleting Message
  • Automatic TV – ON and welcome greeting message upon check-in
  • Transferring messages while room move and removing after check out

Staff Services

  • Maid Staff Access with a pin code in order to update room status on PMS
  • Log in by pin code to Minibar and Amenities services

Info Service

  • Hotel and City Guides  ( with text, image, and video features )
  • Weather Forecast
  • Airline / Flight Information
  • RSS / News Feed channels
  • Twitter support for hotels’ twits

TV Shopping 

  • There are purchase section and billing info details available in the shop category.

Video On Demand

  • Movie List Category
  • Trailer/Info pages and Purchase Options
  • Watched Videos Reporting
  • Reformating


  • Flexible to be integrated with any IP based system or device
  • Environmental control by RMS integration
  • Fire alarm integration by BMS
  • Various API integration for BMS/RMS (OPC interface standard is also supported)
  • Connection via Media Hubs

Compatible TV Devices : LG, Samsung, Philips or STBs

Internet Radio Features

  • Multicast Internet Radio Channels
  • Channel lists in categories
  • Customized channel list for different rooms and guest profiles
  • Favorite Channels
  • Background Moving Image

Management Services

  • Web-based Administration Tools
  • Managing TVs / STBs
  • Device Registration on the IPTV
  • TV Channel Stream Checker

IP Phone Services Integration

  • Integrated IP Telephony features over IPTV for making calls
  • Accept/reject an incoming call from the TV

Guests Survey Service

  • Customer survey feature and a detailed report file