DigyLock is renewing old or damaged electronic hotel key circuit with cost-effectiveness. The magnetic or proximity key types can be converted into new Mifare 13.56mhz RFID generation.

Due to renovation processes in hotels, new lock generation and door panels and lock control systems are installed with RFID online and offline modes.


  • Without the need to purchase, we replace your current electronic door lock system with effortless, cost-effectiveness and quickly installed RFID lock systems.
  • We provide new software that can be integrated into a hotel software system.
  • Opportunity to purchase RFID cards from the supplier, so there is no necessity to purchase exorbitant cards.
  • Compatible with any code encoder
  • High security with 13.56mhz Mifare S50 system


  • Online RFID control system ensures updated new room cards and access to the room door system via smartphones.
  • Energy line connection to the door lock


  • No more carrying room cards while using mobile application
  • No missing key issue
  • The guest is not required to come to the reception desk with a room card, while neither room change nor stay extension.
  • Master Key can be remotely identified, extended and canceled. No necessity of being next to the room door.
  • Door access control at any distance, so it avoids the door reader machine.
  • No battery replacement anymore


  • The integration between the door lock and panel functions ensures an efficient solution. Door Panel has DND, Cleaning and Ring services, moreover, the RFID module adjusts door lock with online and offline modes for added guest profile.
  • By mounting Electric Strike and Electric Bolt, we replace door lock with a lock unit that locks and unlocks the door.
  • All new lock systems are compatible with the RFID module. The system is preferred due to particular services such as no battery, online and central control.

Offline and Online Hotel Door Panels

The door panels have become as a frequent product provided in any hotel facility. In order to have effectively processed panels, DigyGlobal develops its functioning strategy. Also, it online transforms room panels and mounts latest integrated panels.


Door Panel and Lock Combination Advantages

  • There is no need to hang up clean room sign
  • Opportunity to follow DND and Cleaning requests on the web-based software
  • The repairment and updates are easy and cost-effective
  • No need for electric battery
  • View the more fashionable and visible room digits, and use functionality with provided latest offline/online panels
  • The neighbor room will not be disturbed while ringing the certain doorbell
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